8 Tips to help you create your PERSONAL BRAND

  1. Decide on your audience or the industry- It is suggested to tie your brand around the industry that you have been working on, if you feel that your industry is large and undefined you can always refrain to picking a set of homogeneous segment within the said industry. If you feel like your affiliation towards any industry is low another way to have a targeting tactic is to decide the kind of audience you would like to cater to. For example: Digital Deepak, a digital renowned digital marketer, caters to the audiences who specifically have shown some interest in the digital field.
  2. Share your expertise- creativity is a form that is said to be the most required skill for the future job market and if you feel like you are good at something that might benefit people like you as an individual or as a brand showcase it and add a creative value towards your personal branding goals.
  3. Own a domain- owning a domain that reflects your style helps display your authenticity in a much more intricate way, although it is advised to own a domain once you have found the flair of your style and are confident about where you want to head as a brand. Dot-com is the best way to go about it if the extension is available for your brand name as it is easier to remember for your audience as opposed to dot-org or dot-in
  4. Develop a value proposition- adding value or creating value for your users is another way to build a strong brand, if you are new to value proposition here are a few pointers you should think about-
  • Why would they be interested?
  • Are you addressing their needs or helping them solve a problem?
  • What makes you different



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